Quality Countertops for Your Custom Design

Closettec offers a wide range of options from the following types to suit your design needs:

Whichever material or style you are looking for, we work with you to design the countertop that is just right for you.

Natural Quartz

The elegance and beauty of Natural Quartz catches the eye every time. Uniform in color and with lasting durability, the rich colors capture the intrinsic beauty and variation of quarry cut stone, without the maintenance concerns. 

Because Quartz surfaces are so versatile, it is the perfect way to add rich, warm color to any room and can be used almost anywhere you need a beautiful surface with lasting durability. With a Quartz surface, you'll add warmth and beauty plus the strength and durability that can only be found in natural quartz.


Quartz is the perfect way to add rich, warm color to any room in your home. Discover how endless the possibilities are with a Quartz countertop!

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Natural Granite

If you want a quality and stylish countertop with the  look and feel of granite...why not get the real thing?

Granite is easy to clean, requires minimal yearly maintenance, and brings nature's inspiring beauty to your rooms.

Based on where the granite was formed, pieces have some common shading and composition. However, no two pieces are identically alike. Every piece of natural granite has its own unique look and characteristic.

We have both American and exotic granites available with prices varying by color and region. Through the following suppliers, we work with you to find the granite that is just right for your project.

Massachusetts Suppliers

bostongraniteexchange_logo brand_90x47MarbleGranite

New Hampshire Suppliers

Connecticut Suppliers

Seize the dream and make it your reality. Consider including natural granite in your design.

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Solid Surfaces

This product is a 100% acrylic material that can be used in kitchens, baths, offices and more.

This product is a hygienic, easy to clean non porous surface. Given how it is manufactured, the color and design goes all the way through the surface, resulting in a product that is seamless to the eye and touch. 

These solid surfaces require little maintenance and any scratches are easily repaired.

We have hundreds of colors to choose from and offer delivery within one to two weeks. 

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Laminate Surface

Laminate options come in a variety of colors and patterns, offering easy care and durability along with style.

Working to your project needs, we can custom fabricate any top or send it out for postform fabrication.





Whatever your project, we can help you find a design that fits your budget and your style.